Stop Negative Self-Talk in 4 Easy Steps

Negative self-talk can be habitual. You have learned to speak this way to yourself, that means you can unlearn it. Here are 4 easy ways to stop that negative self-talk!

But first, why stop negative self talk? Because it programs you to think and feel negatively. The more you do it, the more you do it, the worse it makes you feel. Research shows that happy people and pessimistic people have the same amount of negatives in their lives, but how they think about those negatives is what makes the difference between misery and happiness.

Step 1: Ask the Question?

Would you let a loved one talk to themselves like that? Would your hero, or most beloved aunt or uncle let you speak to yourself that way if they knew?

This kind of reality checking of the way we speak to ourselves is a way to bring the conscious, objective, truth to challenge our inner voice. Is it fair to us?

Step 2: Realize this effort to motivate or protect, with good intentions, is just flawed logic.

You can’t remove a negative behavior with a negative, it’s just the way the brain works. No amount of negative is going to improve the behavior long term. It is flawed precept.

What brings change to the subconscious is the knowledge that change is possible, you can create new neural connections until the moment of your last breath!.

And positive benefits motivate (dangle that carrot) the subconscious mind to change, speaking kindly, but realistically, to yourself will get quicker and better results.

Step 3: Commit to stopping using the rule of 3

Make a loving commitment to yourself to treat yourself in the most loving, and beneficial way possible, because you deserve it. Don’t echo angry, unloving, unhelpful voices from the past. Anytime you go back to that old way, follow that negative with 3 positive truths about yourself, the situation, or the results you want.

Step 4: Hypnosis!

Hypnosis, and self-hypnosis, are the most effective, efficient, and powerful techniques to reprogram the subconscious mind known to humanity. Really! It’s much faster than therapy for changing habits and restoring confidence and worthiness. So much more permanent than listening to motivational speakers and coaches. Hypnosis will strengthen your inner wisdom, and worthiness, because the truth is you have everything you need. Let me help you unlock your power!


Part II There Is No Such Thing As Self-Sabotage:

What do I really want?

Consciously, studying for the test, making the sales calls, or any other thing that makes the most logical sense is good for you. But if you are having a problem completing them, that means you want to do something else more, that is stay out of pain.

Most of the time the subconscious mind’s primary goal is to keep you out of pain. The pain of the presentation, or making the sales calls, may be a price too high to pay. The juice just isn’t worth the squeeze, as they say.

Emotional discomfort has 3 sources; past, present and future. Feelings of discomfort and pain in the present will resonate with similar feelings from the past if they are still with use and make the current task/goal too painful to do. That is why we don’t do the things we say we want to do, the things that make the most logical sense and why we end up doing the behavior that keeps us out of the feeling that is too uncomfortable and not worth the price.

The way to resolve this problem is to begin the process of neutralizing painful feelings from the past, and neutralizing the unhealthy and unhelpful programs that created them. Giving us the ability to accomplish the tasks we want to really do.

To neutralize the past feelings we need to engage in a process, daily, of self-hypnosis and mindfulness. I love teaching advanced self-hypnosis techniques to my clients who then use it for the rest of their lives to stay virus free, it’s like using McAfee in your mind!

Mindfulness is the practice of acknowledging that we have emotions, and our behavior is controlled by them. Asking ourselves, “should I really feel ___, right now?” is a great first step

Both of these skills are at the center of working with me 1:1, or in a group.

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There Is No Such Thing As Self-Sabotage

I see a lot of very well-meaning people give very bad advice in the coaching, mindset & motivational spaces of social media. It is unfortunate because when people take this information into their subconscious minds, it traps them there, and many times makes them believe that they are broken or incomplete. This leads them to feeling guilt, anger, and shame (the lowest and a totally unnecessary emotional vibration).

I want to help you set some misconceptions right and help you free yourself from the unnecessary shame, anger, and guilt you don’t need to be carrying!

There is no such thing as Self-Sabotage.

What we typically mean when we say self-sabotage is that we are seeing a set of behaviors that get in the way of, or distract us and prevent us from reaching our goals. We believe a part of us is wanting to, and actively trying to stop us because it wants and desires to sabotage the healthy goals we have. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is actually happening is we are outwardly observing the inner workings of the mind. We are seeing the subconscious and the conscious mind each with different goals, and each having different wants, needs and desires. The logical, analytical and conscious part of us wants good things, but the subconscious wants to keep us safe, out of pain, and sometimes those good things are judged by the subconscious to be too painful. So instead of doing what we say we want to do, we do something else. This is what is typically called self-sabotage.

What is misunderstood is the goal of the subconscious, it isn’t trying to inflict pain and frustration, it is trying to avoid a bigger, more “dangerous” pain. Its goal isn’t to hurt, but to help. It just doesn't know better. The subconscious is full of automatic thoughts, auto-pilot programs that run our life. It doesn’t want to change. And the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind, so it will almost always get its way.

The first lesson in understanding the subconscious and how to stop “self-sabotaging” is to realize there is no such thing. Then, to do the work to understand the deeper need of the subconscious mind to set it free of the fears, worries, shame and guilt it is trying to avoid.

How Self-Hypnosis Changed Kasandra's Life

Kasandra: and it's really changed my perception of who I am and what I. And what I can accomplish because of the trauma that I had experienced. It, it just kind of was building really just made me feel like a, like a pot, getting ready to boil over and pop. I just had a lot of anxiety. I never felt calm. I was just always on edge.

So I had been in counseling since I was 14, had done EMDR therapy; I had been on antidepressants, all sorts of them, anxiety, medication, the works, you name it. I tried it, considered it before. What was your kind of understanding of what hypnosis was? And so I kind of had a small understanding of what the process would be. But I did not realize that it would be as life-changing as it has been. You, you start to notice a shift from the negative thoughts to all positive thoughts. It takes some time, but there is that shift that occurs.

Kimberly: Can you kind of describe, what that process of learning to self hypnosis was like?

Kasandra: That even on days that I just didn't really feel like doing it if I did. It was kind of like those, those feelings pass and it was almost like you looked forward to doing it.

Kimberly: What would you say to people who have up till now not try to hypnosis or been putting off hypnosis?

Kasandra: To try it, just start with that. You know, if you just have to start with, I want to believe that this will work will turn into yes, it is working and it will change your life.

Kimberly: Hi everybody. This is Kimberly Lorenz, board certified hypnotist and certified professional hypnosis instructor. I'm here today with Kasandra and we're going to talk about her experience with me, going through just some self-hypnosis training and what that's done for her. So, hi, Kasandra , how are you?

Kasandra: I'm good. How are you?

Fantastic. So you are local to me in the Boise area, but we have just done online sessions, correct? . Okay. So what made you decide to book

Kasandra: I decided to book with you, , because I just gotten to a point in life where, the trauma that I had experienced in the past as a child was influencing every aspect of my life in negative ways, especially with relationships that were really important to me.

Kimberly: Okay, how did you find me actually?

Kasandra: so I actually did some research. I believe it was Google.

Kimberly: That is how a lot of my clients do find me is through Google. Did my reviews on my Google page have anything to do with YouTube?

Kasandra: yes.

Kimberly: Okay, great; so what was happening in your life at the time that you decided to, to call me? In fact, maybe a better way of asking that is what had just happened. That kind of made you think, oh my goodness, I can't do this anymore. I got to do it something.

Kasandra: So my husband and I actually decided to separate; and we're thinking about getting a divorce because the fighting was just too much

There was just so much negative in our lives, because of the trauma that I had experienced, it, it just kind of was building

Kimberly; How was that stuff going on in your life, making you feel before you called?

Kasandra: Really just made me feel like a, like a pot getting ready to boil over and pop. I just had a lot of anxiety.

I never felt calm. I was just always on

And you had tried other things to try and fix these issues in your life?

Kasandra: Yes. So I had been in counseling since I was 14, had done EMDR therapy. I had been on antidepressants, all sorts of, anxiety, medication, the works, you name it. I tried it

Kimberly; And nothing ever seemed to make a difference?

Kasandra: No, not really. Not, not long-term anyways. I mean it a bandaid on it, but not really fix it.

Kimberly: Thank you. Okay. So, , before you called me, what, what did you think about hypnosis? Had you ever considered it before? What was your kind of understanding of what hypnosis was?

Kasandra: So of course you see, you know, like in the movie, What their version of hypnosis is, but I had actually, read in some psychology journals about the effects of hypnosis, , and trauma, on the brain. And so I kind of had a small understanding of what the process would be. but I did not realize that it would be as life changing as it has been. So.

Kimberly: Awesome, now that you've experienced hypnosis with me and you've done a lot of self-hypnosis as well. How has your perception of what hypnosis is changed?

Kasandra: so to me, I just look at it as it's, it's a very relaxing method. , it really does help you change your views of how you perceive yourself. And it just, it really, it just really through, through just doing your recognitions and receiving those echoes, , you, you start to notice a shift from the negative thoughts to all positive thoughts

It takes some time, but there is that shift out of

Kimberly: Wonderful. So Kasandra is describing a very special kind of self hypnosis that I teach all my clients, , normally, or on average, most of my clients have one-on-one sessions with me and they also get trained in self-hypnosis, but for many different reasons, Kasandra and I decided together that she would just do the self hypnosis training.

And I tell all my clients this, if I had to choose just one thing to do for somebody. Do one-on-one sessions with them and help them with their problem, or just train them in my various special kind of self hypnosis that we call seven path, self hypnosis. What would I choose? What would be the something that I would give to my client?

Long-term I always say it would be the self hypnosis training because it's a tool that they learn that they can take into the future and use for the rest of their lives. So she's talking about suggestions and techniques that I teach all of my clients now. Without giving away what those recognitions are

Kasandra, can you kind of describe; , what that process of learning to self hypnosis was like for you?

Kasandra: I would say that, it, it was. It was daunting to begin with because you don't want to, you know, you're so ingrained in how you feel about yourself, that you it's hard to change that behavior, especially when it's been long term.

So it's a little daunting, but; , I found through my self-hypnosis that even on days that I just didn't really feel like doing it. If I did it. It was kind of like those, those feelings pass and it was almost like you looked forward to doing it because it was just your time to sit and relax; , and to just have those positive feelings and those positive thoughts coming your way.

And it just made me feel really good about yourself, it actually changes your perception of who you think you are. You know, you, you think one way about yourself and through, through these, uh, Through the self-hypnosis you start realizing that you're nothing that you thought of yourself. You're so much more, you were so much more,

Kimberly: so you were thinking some negative thoughts about yourself. Some negative , you had some negative beliefs. Yeah. Through the self-hypnosis just by itself. So I would just teach you what to do. And through that technique of you doing it, you would change your entire perception of yourself.  , so how would you describe yourself now after having gone through this process in regards to your problem?

Kasandra: I, so when I first started hypnosis, I honestly believed that there was nothing that was going to fix. I was broken. I never said a prayer of a chance in this life. I just, there was no way I could ever be fully happy. And even though , my husband and I decided to go through with the divorce, I've been able to.

I still do the self hypnosis; , and that's, what's really helped me because I realized there is hope. There is happiness ahead. There there's so much out there for me and so much possibility of what I can do with my life. Whereas before I just thought, Nope, I'm not worth anything. You know, I don't have a prayer of a chance in this life and it's really changed my perception of who I am and what I'm worth and what I can accomplish

So you went from feeling hopeless, worthless, no confidence, and a host of other things anxious, upset about to explode to now feeling. What, what would you say.

Kasandra: happy

Kimberly: Yeah. Would you say powerful? Or stronger,

Kasandra: Powerful, Higher self worth, before I didn't

Awesome. What would you say to people who have up till now not try to hypnosis or have been putting off trying hypnosis because they might be afraid that it just would be like some like everything else or it wouldn't help them. Cause this thing didn't help them in that thing, didn't help them. What would you say to them?

Kasandra: I would say that even if you just have a hope that it will hopefully work. Just that small little hope that maybe something will happen to try it. Just start with that. You know, if you just have to start with, I want to believe that this will work, you know, it will eventually start working and you'll know that it works

Kimberly: And that hope that it will work will turn into, yes, it is working and it will change your life.

Fantastic. What are you looking most forward to in your life? Now?

Kasandra: I am looking forward to rebuilding relationships that were damaged because of the trauma, I really through. Through all of this, I would really like to use my experience to help other people who have been through similar experiences, to help them understand that there's happiness and there's hope and there's hope for a good future. And to be able to kind of pass along my knowledge. How to get through it, to help other people. That's what I, that's what I'm looking for it too

Kimberly: Wonderful. What is the most important thing for you, that you, that helped you achieve success with this process? How, what was the most important thing out of all the things you learned or did that helped you the most

Kasandra: It would be the self hypnosis doing the recognitions three times a day, religiously, even when I didn't want to, it really does. I can't explain it, but it really does start changing your mindset

Kimberly: So you would say putting the effort in you just doing it, whether you felt like it or not, the effort came from you and then the growth came because you put that effort.

Kasandra: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. And even if you don't think it'll happen, just want to think that it will happen.

Kimberly: Wonderful. Thank you so much, Kasandra . I appreciate everything that I have loved working with you. It has been such an honor and seeing where you started and where you are now. I'm really grateful for clients like you

And thank you for doing this for me today, thank you everybody for watching. Have a great wonderful day and you can reach me at  or If you need to send me an email, I'm happy to work with. The sorts of people with all sorts of issues, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, behaviors, you don't like , all sorts of things

3 Keys To Becoming a Professional Hypnotist!

Hi!, my name's Kimberly Lorenz I'm a board certified hypnotist and a certified professional hypnosis instructor. I'd like to talk to you about my professional hypnosis training courses. I have them about every three months throughout the year. Generally they're in January, April, July, and October. So if you're seeing this video know that the next one will be coming up sometime within the next three months, check out my website, for specific dates and time.

Let's talk about my certification course and the three keys to becoming a professional hypnotist. So the first thing that you need to know, I'm going to share these three keys right up front with you. And then talk a little bit more specifically about my course. I'm going to share the three keys with you right up front.

The first one is that you don't need any previous experience at all to become a professional certified hypnotist. My course gives you everything you need to be certified with the NGH the national Guild of hypnotists, the oldest and the largest. , and I would say the most prestigious hypnosis professional organization that there is in the U S and worldwide.

And you meet very high standards by taking this course. So you can rest assured that the training that you'll get is very high quality and certifies you to do everything that you would need to do to help people reach their goals without having any previous experience. Number two, it's very quick, relatively speaking.

It's a hundred hours and seven live days of class. So in those a little bit of pre-study and seven live days, you get everything you need. And number three. You'll be able to build a thriving business, because again, you'll have everything you need for the investment that you make in this course, you will be able to make a professional income, , helping people achieve their goals and eliminate their problem.

What makes this course different? First of all, I'm going to be your instructor. My name again is Kimberly Lorenz . I am a board certified hypnotist and a certified professional hypnosis instructor. The two highest certifications that you can get to be a trainer and a hypnotist. . I have 10 years of experience teaching people, various subjects.

And over two years training people in hypnosis. I have hundreds of happy clients and I have lots of other certifications. If you'd like to check them out on my website, you can certainly do that. One more thing I need to talk about that makes this course very special is that you are going to be learning 5-PATH.

5-PATH stands for five phase advanced transformational hypnosis. It's a criteria based system that is enabling you to learn. And be able to apply it to pretty much any problem that comes through your office door. So it's a universal approach, but it's highly personalizable for each individual client, helping them remove the root cause to their problems so that it never reoccurs.

So 5-PATH is a wonderful system that helps people achieve their goals with a high amount of consistency and efficiency and success. The other thing that makes this course really wonderful is you'll also be learning 7th Path Self-Hypnosis. 7th Path Self-Hypnosis, and 5-PATH go together.

They're sort of like sisters or hand in glove. They help each other out. Now 7th Path Self-Hypnosis of is of course self-hypnosis you can learn it and practice it yourself and you can teach it to all your clients. People who use seven path, self hypnosis are much more likely to achieve their goals because it is a whole person approach to self-help, it's a mind, body, spirit approach to self hypnosis. I've seen it do transformational things in my office, and I love it. And you'll get to learn it, become a teacher of it. If you choose and teach it to all your clients.

Who is this course for my ideal students are motivated and compassionate human beings. They are motivated to help others. They are motivated to constantly be evolving and learning themselves, and they have a willingness to learn and a teachable attitude. That's really all it takes to be successful at this.

So, what do we do next? If that sounds really good to you, and you want to learn more about becoming a professional hypnotist in just seven days, the next step is for you to contact me at my website and schedule yourself a consultation with me.

A consultation is just a really quick way for you you and I both to decide if we would be a good fit working together, teacher and student. And also if this is the right class for you, it's totally free and really easy to schedule. All you have to do is go to my website. and put your name and number in and your email address into a little form, and you'll have the opportunity to schedule a consultation at a time that's convenient for you.

<p>Now there's a couple reasons why it's really important to do it as quickly as possible. First of all, my class size is very limited. I keep the classes small so I can give individualized attention. And so what that means is my classes fill up very quickly because I only have them four times a year.

And so it's really beneficial for you to apply to. And be enrolled as quickly as possible. So you can get the next available spot. Also, the earlier you enroll in my course, the better the price, because I offer discounts for early enrollment. And so you can get a discount the sooner you contact me and get enrolled.

So it's really important that you contact me as quickly as possible. Have your consultation with me and then get enrolled as quickly as possible. So. Remember consultations are no obligation at all. Totally free. Really easy to schedule. Just go to my website. I hope to hear from you soon and have a great day.

Talk about your failure when you first started looking for a solution. Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.

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Lorenz Hypnosis, Kimberly Lorenz, hypnotist, board certified, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, anxiety, depression, phobia, weight loss, hypnotherapist, Boise, meridian, Idaho


Lorenz Hypnosis, Kimberly Lorenz, hypnotist, board certified, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, anxiety, depression, phobia, weight loss, hypnotherapist, Boise, meridian, Idaho
Lorenz Hypnosis, Kimberly Lorenz, hypnotist, board certified, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, anxiety, depression, phobia, weight loss, hypnotherapist, Boise, meridian, Idaho